Snow in Florida???

We are a spoiled bunch here in Florida. We don’t like cold… we don’t like cool that much either (although we’ll tolerate it for a few days each year.) We like warm and warmer. Personally I will take hot over cold any day.

Luckily we didn’t get snow here in good old Central Florida (the pictures are from the panhandle) but I did go out to a restaurant last night that was cold as ice inside–a Mexican restaurant no doubt. Something I learned is that many buildings here in Florida don’t have heating systems. I guess some people figure its not worth it.

Luckily I had some spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup to keep me warm.

fsu semi-frozen fountain instagram mcmansion_1514992919727.jpg_4763684_ver1.0_640_360
Florida State University campus – Kate McMahon
tpd snow in tally_1514986687285.jpg_4762685_ver1.0_640_360
Tallahassee Police Department photo
florida snow mikes weather page_1515006521521.jpg_4765219_ver1.0_640_360
Mike’s Weather Page


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