Florida beaches: Flagler Beach

I love the warm tropical sun and running my hands though the soft sand on the beach.  I love making sand castles and feeling the ocean water seep in around my toes. I love beach chairs and beach umbrellas.

Oh yes, and did I mentioned I love the beach?

FlaglerBeach6 (3)
Flagler Beach, FL – JoAnn Ryan

Flagler Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean roughly 20 miles north of world famous Daytona Beach. It’s much less crowded and touristy though, and much more of a small town local beach. If getting away from the hub-bub is what you’re looking for, this is your beach. It’s a little over an hour’s drive northeast of Orlando and about the same distance due south of Jacksonville.

FlaglerBeach3 (4)
Flagler Beach, FL – JoAnn Ryan
FlaglerBeach7 (4)
Flagler Beach – JoAnn Ryan

11 thoughts on “Florida beaches: Flagler Beach

  1. Just returned from Fla. visited the granddaughters down near Palm Beach area. So pretty but so crowded! I enjoy the ride down looking at all the billboards especially enjoy the tourist stops to see all the pretty Florida things to buy s d see the baby gators! We did see one sunning itself in a canal by the road!

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    1. Me too. In talking to a few of the residents there I think they do what they can to keep the area small and quiet. I certainly hope it stays that way.

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