Food: Eating cookies for breakfast is ok

Allow me to pose a serious philosophical question: If you're going to eat a cookie, does it really matter what time of day you eat it? Would it not be better to eat it in the morning so you have time to work it off during the day? Is it any worse than eating a … Continue reading Food: Eating cookies for breakfast is ok

Mental health superstar: Prince William

In the last several years, Prince William has become vocal about his struggles with mental health issues. He launched a mental health campaign to aid other people dealing with the same struggles. Most everyone in the world knows the story of the Bristish royal family, it's all over the media all the time, but few of us … Continue reading Mental health superstar: Prince William

Local artist: Watercolor paintings by Stewart Jones

Great art has a way of soothing the soul and reminding us that there is still beauty and wonder in a world that can often be ugly and callous. I got so obsessed with watching Bob Ross paint that I started looking for more Florida-grown artists that I could admire. I found these paintings from … Continue reading Local artist: Watercolor paintings by Stewart Jones

Memo at midnight: Giving advice

When we give advice to other people, if we want them to truly believe us, it has to come from a place deep within us. This is where all of our past experiences, including our hurt and our pain, has been stored. When we give advice, what we are often really saying is that something … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Giving advice