Memo at Midnight: Failure and making stupid-azz decisions

Sometimes when I look back on my life I want to beat myself up for all the stupid decisions I’ve made. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of good things happen, too. However, at some point many of the good things that have happened to me seem to fall apart.

Some situations were far out of my control and there’s nothing I could have done about that. Other times I look back and see that I turned right when I should have turned left or left when I should have turned right… or stopped when I should have went or went when I should have stopped. Yikes!

As we get older I think nearly all of us wish we could travel back in time (preferrably in something cool like a shiny red Ferrari) and redo certain things… well, unfortunately we can’t ever go back, only forward.

The question is, am I smarter than I once was? I like to think I am. Maybe I’m just deceiving myself though and I’m still that same ridiculous clown making stupid decisions?

It’s hard to say, but I do know the only true solution is to keep the clown suit on… maybe that’s a bad anology considering the recent remake of Stephen King’s It with it’s portrayal of an evil demonic clown.

So, said in a better way, we just have to keep swimming. I don’t know about you but I refuse to sink to the bottom of the lake until I absolutely have to.

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18 thoughts on “Memo at Midnight: Failure and making stupid-azz decisions

  1. Part of what lets us find peace with our poor decisions is being able to salvage a lesson and a plan from the wreckage. If we can pull from a dreadful yesterday a better tomorrow, all is not lost.

    Spoiler alert – we’ll make stupid choices in the future too. Our past mistakes should minimize these, though, and the lessons they teach us make tomorrow brighter than it would have been.

    “Experience exacts a steep tuition, but some will learn in no other school.”

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    1. True true, I always seem to learn things the hard way… a lot of other people do too though. Maybe that’s just a part of life we have to learn to embrace as much as possible and try not to let it make us go crazy. 😜

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      1. Absolutely, JoAnn. We all stumble from act to act, often mumbling our lines and tripping over props. Everyone “mucks up” their roles, but some hide their miscues better than do others.

        Matters little, though, when the curtain rises after the last act to reveal an audience on its feet and clamoring for an encore.

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  2. Of course you are smarter now. You have learned from your stupid-azz decisions, like I have. We are able to identify them as such; many people never think back and reflect. But in the end they have brought us to where we are now, the stupid-azz and the super-smart decisions … 😉

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  3. Hindsight is a great thing,,, I would love to go back and do things differently. knowing what I know now and then who would I be? I frustrate the hell out of myself at times but if I went back… I may miss the whole point of my life and why I am here? You have a purpose, just like me and every other human being on this planet. You are here for a reason and every experience that you have had has enriched your experience of being alive. Good or bad… ❤

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    1. Wise words. At a certain point we just have to make peace with the mistakes we’ve made and even try to find the bright side of those mistakes. Regret can eat a person alive and rob us of our happiness. 🌸🙂


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