Do coconuts grow in Florida?

Do coconuts grow in Florida? I had this question myself when I moved to Central Florida several years ago as I’m just nuts about coconuts. I looked around and saw plenty of palm trees but none seemed to be coconut palm trees.


The answer: Coconut palms generally do not grow in North and Central Florida, nor do plant and tree experts recommend growing them. Even though we don’t have too many cold days here, we get just enough that the coconut fruits would be severely effected.

Now, since South Florida is warmer and has nearly no cold days at all, coconut trees do grow in many areas, particularly in the Florida Keys area.

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37 thoughts on “Do coconuts grow in Florida?

    1. Aww, Bob Ross did that and I know several other people who routinely feed the squirrels. I’ve never seen anything like it until I moved to Florida but its very cool. 🐿


    1. I’ve heard that. There’s an urban legend about getting killed by a falling coconut but I think that’s pretty rare. Still I’m sure it hurts a bit. 🌴


    1. I’ve only driven through Alabama once. All I really remember is the mud, which of course they are famous for. I always tell people to be careful visiting Florida because you just might end up moving here. That seems to be the case for a lot of people these days.

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  1. I am always interested in random facts. Living in South Florida, we have lots of coconut palms, but generally the fruit is more trouble than it is worth – it has to be removed to prevent accidental injury from falling nuts. I am unaware of any commercial growers but haven’t researched it.

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  2. Actually, JoAnn, the answer surprises, as I expected it to be, “no.”

    This, in turn, leads to questions about whether South Florida supports any commercial coconut growers. What about famers’ markets? Do grocery stores feature mounds of “locally grown” coconuts?

    Again, I suspect the answer, though the romantic in me still hopes for, “yes.”

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    1. Those are interesting questions. When I was searching I did find mention of coconut “farms” in south Florida. Not sure how much of a impact this has on total coconut production. I also found mention of farmers markets and I’m assuming some of them sell fresh coconuts… it would be a fun little research project to follow up on. 🙂

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