Reblog: A negative becomes a positive? Mental health and the emergency room

*Updated: 2/24/2021 – Originally posted: 9/27/2019

Improving emergency services for mental health patients is a must. There are so many horror stories of mental health patients being treated despicably when seeking emergency care. I have more than one of those stories myself, sad to say.

That’s why it makes me so very happy to read this story by Morgan, a college student who experienced such a thing herself in a Michigan hospital. She wrote an op-ed to her local newspaper, which they published. Read about it and what happened as a result here. One can only hope that this will lead to some big changes in that hospital… and hopefully others will get on board, too.

If Michigan has one of the best hospital systems in the country, then why was my most recent experience at the hospital spending 22 hours in a chair while in a psychological crisis…?

I published an Op-Ed in The Michigan Daily yesterday, an Ann Arbor newspaper run by University of Michigan students…” Read more: Op-ed in a newspaper – MyOCDVoice


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