Florida photos: Lake Baldwin, before the rain…

Late summer afternoons in Florida are typified by three states of being:

1. It’s raining.

2. It’s getting ready to rain.

3. It just rained.

Yes, it does get a bit tiring but then one has to remember that this is what makes Florida so gloriously green.

Plus, I do love rain clouds… and rainy moods. I like sun, too, but Florida sun in the summer means HOT!!

In these photos, a storm was imminent. In fact, I had to bolt and run for cover just moments after taking them.

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Lake Baldwin Park – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lake Baldwin Park – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lake Baldwin Park – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lake Baldwin Park – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lake Baldwin Park – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan
Lake Baldwin Park – Orlando, FL – JoAnn Ryan

22 thoughts on “Florida photos: Lake Baldwin, before the rain…

  1. Thrilling, JoAnn! Thanks for taking us along on your walks, and for letting us glimpse the world through a Floridian’s eyes.

    When I typed “trilling,” I meant it. This summer’s once-in-a-lifetime sunniness notwithstanding, most storms around here take three days of clouds to build, and half a week of leadenness to clear. So much nothingness for days on end, when the sky actually starts doing something, it’s mesmerizing.

    In Florida, gathering from your account as well from as my own memories. you skip almost all of the buildup and denouement, and get right to the storms. Fascinating.

    Of course, around here we can be fairly confident of things never moving beyond “a bad storm,” whereas you have to worry about everything, including, Hurricane-of-the-Century.

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    1. Three days of build-up… that’s a lot of suspense… still more bearable though, in my opinion, than ever watching The Titanic all the way through for a second time… 😳

      No, storms around here don’t generally require a lot of pre-hoopla kinda of stuff. If we’re lucky we might have at least 30 minutes to an hour warning… can’t always count on that though, judging by how many times I (and a lot of other people) have had the pleasure of an instant and completely unexpected drenching.

      But, yes, that is all far more tolerable than a hurricane… hmm, then again I’m not entirely sure if watching a repeat Titanic still might be worse.

      As far as hurricanes we’ve been pretty lucky here for several years now! Hope it continues indefinitely!

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      1. Off-topic, I know, JoAnn, but would you believe I never watched “Titanic” in its entirety? Same applies to “Batman.”

        Not due to any specific disdain, per se, but because, for a while, both movies were on absolutely everyone’s lips. So obnoxious was the ultra-hype, contrarianism alone left no other option than for me to avoid them. So here I am, quite possibly the last human being in the northern hemisphere not to have partaken of either flick.

        Reading you, a Floridian, compare “Titanic” unfavorably to a hurricane makes me comfortable in the decision.

        After all, it’s possible (and, statistically, overwhelmingly likely) to survive a hurricane, but those exposed to “Titanic” never will be the same again.

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        1. Lol, yes I definitely remember the Titanic movie hype. And it’s not to say that I didn’t like the movie, but it’s very long for one thing… the first half actually reminds me of a scene from another movie. Not sure if you ever saw Matilda… if not I can’t recommend it enough… there’s a great scene where a kid is given a lovely slice of cake only to then be forced to eat the entire gigantic cake! Disgustingly sweet and over the top… makes you feel like throwing up just watching him eat it… get it?

          Then, the second half of Titanic is just the most depressing thing ever… death, death and more death… get it?

          I know you’re just dying to finally watch it now, right??

          As far as Batman… you gotta specify which one you’re talking about… from Michael Keaton to… whoever the latest Batman was… I think they made about 1,000 sequels… not 100% sure about that figure… but it seems about right 😳


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