Wacky Wednesday: Chickens at the library and the Econlockhatchee River

Several years ago now I attended some kind of writing thing at a library in the little town of Oviedo, Florida. Afterwards, as I exited the library and was walking to my car, I noticed some chickens wandering around the library grounds. The grounds are lovely by the way, leafy, grassy and laden with towering oak trees (my hastily snapped photos do not do it justice by any means.)

Of course, I immediately thought, “someone’s chickens got out.” I think that was a safe assumption to make.

Chicken at the Oviedo library
Chicken at library – Oviedo, FL – Orlando

I wondered if I should alert somebody but waited a bit. Something about these chickens was a little off. They seemed way too comfortable, like maybe they lived there or something. Plus, several people came and went from the library and didn’t pay even the slightest amount of attention to them, as if they were a common fixture.

A few weeks later, I attended another installment of the same writing thing. Last one, it was pretty boring so I didn’t go back after that. Sounds kinda mean but I’m just being honest here. Guess what though, I saw those same chickens again, just wandering around like they owned the place.

Strange but kinda cool.

Oviedo, FL library
Oviedo library – Oviedo, FL – JoAnn Ryan

Fast track to current times, I was back in Oviedo once again for a mini-break, as the Brits call it, and I thought about that library I’d visited several years earlier. I decided to stop back by there and guess what I saw… chickens! Same chickens or different ones I can’t say but they were chickens nonetheless!

I marveled that there was no fence whatsoever around the library. It’s completely open space. Yet these chickens seem to know where home is. By this point it just seemed perfectly normal for them to be there.

By the way, taking photos of chickens isn’t as easy as it looks. They are constantly on the move! Plucking the earth in such a greedy manner. In their defense though, it has been rainy this week so I’m sure the ground is nice and soft… easy pickings for tasty snacks.

Econlockhatchee River, Florida
Econlockhatchee River – Seminole County, FL – JoAnn Ryan

I also briefly visited The Little Big Econ National Forest, which was just beautiful, and I became determined to get some photos of the Econlockhatchee River (which most people seem to pronounce like “econlahatchie”.)

Enjoy and I hope everyone has a great wacky Wednesday!

Econlockhatchee River, Florida
Ecolockhatchee River – Seminole County, FL – JoAnn Ryan

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21 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: Chickens at the library and the Econlockhatchee River

  1. Don’t be so hasty dismissing that writing seminar, JoAnn, as it did engage your creativity. No matter whether your muse was the instructor inside the library or the poultry beyond, you’re writing now. Engagingly so.

    Indirect and overgrown as it is, the path still got us here, right?

    Love the river pictures, particularly the last one. Gives us some idea of how the entire state appeared centuries ago. Heck, even (more or less so) within living memory of some Floridians.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that is true. If I hadn’t gone there for “that writing thing” then I would have never discovered what a beautiful unique place this was and I would’ve never had the pleasure of seeing those lovely library chickens. You are so correct about that! Thank you for helping me see the bright side!

      Here’s a little bonus for you. I was going to mention it in the post and I can’t believe I ended up forgetting. Literally the millisecond after I took that last photo of the river (it’s the one that comes first in the post) all of a sudden two kayakers came around the corner of that top branch of the river. It was so remarkable. Because of the rainy weather there wasn’t anyone out so it was a pleasant surprise.

      It’s amazing to think how everything looked before it got developed the way it is today…especially Manhattan! You’re right, this is a small reminder.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course, you yelled at the kayakers for intruding on your perfect moment, right JoAnn? To reinforce the point, you started tossing coconuts at them.

        They (whoever it is “they” are) thought it was foolish of you to pull that wagon full of coconuts behind you everywhere, but who’s laughing now? She who was prepared!

        Seriously, though, awesome picture! Time, immemorial, just a second before the 21st century. No doubt, the otherworldly chickens put you in mind of the eternal.


  2. I am surprised that the chickens survive … I mean at night other straying animals might eat them … unless they fly into a tree, they can, if they want to.

    The river photos are beautiful!

    A good Wednesday to you too!

    Liked by 1 person

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