Sunday happiness: An additional member of the “post-COVID” baby boom

A lot of people have been asking about my new grandbaby since I posted about his impending arrival several times. So, here is a short video and some other photos.

Little baby Ross arrived in mid-October the picture of perfect health. Delivery is always a trying time. There’s a lot of happy anticipation but also a lot of worries and hopes that things will go as well as they possibly can. So proud of my daughter for pulling it all off. Yeah, I know women have babies every day but when it’s your baby or grandbaby that’s something different.

I have such a backlog of photos to post from my trip to Idaho and photos I’ve taken since being back in Trinidad. Hoping to get those posted soon.

I forgot how fun it can be to go baby clothes shopping.

Birth day… he was a healthy 7 pounds. He looks so big in the photos but in reality seemed so tiny and fragile. The room was crazy warm, which is why he wasn’t wrapped up at the time. He was enjoying having his little toes in the air I think. The wing of the hospital we were in is brand new and we were having trouble getting the thermostat set right. It cooled down a little later.

16 thoughts on “Sunday happiness: An additional member of the “post-COVID” baby boom

  1. Well JoAnn, congratulations to Grandma, to Mom, and most of all, to Ross himself!

    So many things for him to explore and to learn. Of course, the same thing may be said of all of us. The difference is, Ross will experience everything for the first time. Totally awesome – and total sensory overload, too! It’s almost a good thing Ross hasn’t learned to speak yet; can you imagine all he’d have to say right now?

    Speaking of which, kudos to you, JoAnn, for keeping this story under wraps for a whole month.

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  2. Congratulations, and thanks for the share. My babies are all grown, and the first of the grandkids is almost four. You forget about the tiny and endearing fragility of desperately new life. Blessings for a beautiful life. 💖

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