Florida flowers: Shoeblackplant hibiscus (and my little coronavirus update)

The beautiful tropical hibiscus

Florida foliage: Bromeliads, peculiar and kinda freaky

Check out this odd looking plant from the bromeliad family. It's native to South America. This species, bromelia balasae, is closely related and looks very similar to the pineapple plant. It doesn't seem to be a very common ornamental plant though in Central Florida, which is why it caught my eye one day during one … Continue reading Florida foliage: Bromeliads, peculiar and kinda freaky

Florida flowers: Lovely lantana

These beautiful odd flowers caught my eye when I was walking around the hood one day. The strange beautiful mixture of colors caught my attention. Lantana is it's name, according to my PlantSnap app. It's native to the American tropics and Africa but has been introduced in places like Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Despite … Continue reading Florida flowers: Lovely lantana

Florida flowers: Ixiolirion tataricum

Update: So as a wise reader pointed out, this is actually most likely tulbaghia violacea. Society garlic or pink agapanthus is its common name. It's in the onion family and thought to be native to Africa. Just goes to show how easy it can be to misidentify plants. I will still leave up the info about the Siberian … Continue reading Florida flowers: Ixiolirion tataricum

Florida flowers: Beautiful red hibiscus

I've had my eye on a few particular hibiscus plants for a long time. They aren't too far from my house and so I go by them all the time. Red is my favorite color and these flowers just seem to pop out like an old friend. They're located in front of a restaurant that … Continue reading Florida flowers: Beautiful red hibiscus

Florida flowers: The unique crossandra/Florida Sunset

I saw these crossandra flowers several weeks ago in a park near where I live. The bright orange color caught my eye. I took some photos but thought that perhaps the blossoms were in the process of dying. I went back a few days ago and it had the same wilty-looking petals. I realized this … Continue reading Florida flowers: The unique crossandra/Florida Sunset

Florida flowers: The ornate oleander

Oleander is one of the most popular and well-known flowers in the world. It's so prolific across the globe that its native origin is not known, although it's thought to be native to the middle east.