Graphics and Memes

This is a source page for graphics and memes that I either make or borrow that are not otherwise used/credited elsewhere on this site.

A note on photos credits: I get it. People get overly cautious about plagiarism and lawsuits. Rightfully so but still, one needs to use their melon to think things through.

Often when I’m writing for publications, other than my own, editors do not want to publish memes and graphics like the ones below (even the ones I make myself and that I most definitely own the rights to.) Maybe they seem immaturish and non-professional. Maybe they are afraid that Sony Pictures or Stephen King have nothing better to do than go after people like me who make nice memes in favor of their work. By the way, quotes generally fall under fair use unless of course you plan to use them to advertise your lawnmowing business or to help sell your book. Those would be a deal breakers.

JoAnn Ryan meme
As Good as It Gets
TriStar Pictures/Gracie Films
Getty Images
Girl, Interrupted
Columbia Pictures/Red Wagon Entertainment

Back to the Future Universal Pictures
JoAnn Ryan meme of a Stephen King quote