Moody Monday: Somewhere between selfishness and selflessness

On striking a balance between being selfish and selfless.

Friendship Friday: Anxiety and disorientation

How many of you have felt like this... feelings of anxiety and uncertainty get so overwhelming that you start to feel a sense of disorientation and confusion.

Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Oh angel sent from up above... (And then I remember, it’s not all about me!) I was stuck inside my head for a spell. I’m a human after all... bound to make mistakes and be forgetful and whatnot. Getting stuck inside one’s head means that things need to get reigned in. I have to remind … Continue reading Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Memo at midnight: Cry me a river

Life can break your heart in a million ways... shattered it to bits. Life always finds a way to mend it though... to soothe, to renew hope. Isn’t that remarkable. What world is this?!? (Girl, Interrupted) It’s a topsy-turvy world, that’s what it is... completely crazy poo. Effed-up. A world of ups and downs... of … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Cry me a river

Memo at midnight: Everybody hurts

A giant leap forward for many of us who struggle to maintain good mental health may lie in simply being able to effectively express a full range of emotions, both good and bad, and be ok with it. It's not always easy to express negative or bad feelings though. For reasons that I can understand, … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Everybody hurts