Wordsmith Wednesday: Brandi Carlile’s Broken Horses

Book review of Broken Horses by Brandi Carlile and best quotes from the book.

Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Oh angel sent from up above... (And then I remember, it’s not all about me!) I was stuck inside my head for a spell. I’m a human after all... bound to make mistakes and be forgetful and whatnot. Getting stuck inside one’s head means that things need to get reigned in. I have to remind … Continue reading Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Memo at midnight: Love everything ❤️💕

Been feeling stressed, depressed, repressed or simply just feeling bad??? I feel like I've been in a negative, self-absorbed funk for days myself. Sometimes I still forget that I have awesome tools at my disposal to deal with such things. Remembering too that the swells and swales of life are just that--life--helps quite a bit … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Love everything ❤️💕

What really makes people happy?

You can be the most beautiful person in the world, you can be wealthy and famous, but if you don't feel love, self-worth or peace in your mind it can make you feel ugly and worthless. You can be on the cover of fashion magazines and be in demand all over the world. You can … Continue reading What really makes people happy?