10 amazing Florida facts, parte tres

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10 more awesome and interesting Florida quick facts

I love posting cool stuff about Florida, so, since it was incredibly popular the first time (see my previous post here) I decided to list 10 more interesting and awesome facts about Florida! (Check out my other posts: "10 interesting Florida quick facts" "10 amazing Florida facts, parte tres") Florida has a state flower. It is, of course, the … Continue reading 10 more awesome and interesting Florida quick facts

10 interesting Florida quick facts

Here are a few things about Florida that you may not know... or care to know... but read it anyway you just might learn something. Hope everyone has a great day! (Also read my newer posts: "10 more awesome and interesting facts about Florida" "10 amazing Florida facts, parte tres") What's in a name? The name … Continue reading 10 interesting Florida quick facts